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What services do you provide?

Edorium TechSoft has extensive experience in delivering web development and software solutions. We have expertise to succefully execute projects of any scale, size and requirements. Some of our services include, Web Development, CMS Implementation, PSD Conversion, HTML5 & CSS3, Mobile Application Development and Bug Fixing.

How much would I save if I hire web developer from Edorium TechSoft?

Using our services will help you to tremendously reduce your expenses. First and foremost, while we are completing your project, you will be free to work on other aspects of business and you daily life without any worries. Outsourcing to us will decrease the burden of managing a team at your premises, for infrastructure, equipment, internet etc.

Do you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

Yes. If you don’t want your design to be shown in our portfolio or for personal references, we are willing to sign an NDA to protect your rights.

What if we are not satisfied with your service?

You will be completely satisfied with our services. We guarantee that. In the remotest possiblity that you are not satisfied by our service we guarantee to issue you a full refund when you request.

What is W3C valid Markup/CSS?

W3C is main Web guidelines, specifications, and tools, including HTML and CSS. When a website is designed to meets W3C standards, it meets international standards.

Do you redesign the existing website?

Yes, our design and development professionals can redesign your existing website to make it make it look impressive, efficient and add more functionality, have very creative design professionals here.

Once website development completed, what support do you have?

When your project is completed and live on your server, we provide 30 days free support to take care of any problems there may be. Within this period we will provide you quick support on each matter. After 30 days we can do an annual maintenance contract at very cost-effective prices.

How can we pay for our project?

You cam make payment using PayPal (Credit card/debit card/PayPal account), Western Union, wire transfer and checks. If you would like to make payments by any other mode, then please contact us.

Do you offer discounts?

We have many discounts and offers. If you are submitting two projects, we will be happy to give you a flat 15% discount on the second project. If you provide us a feedback for our service, we will be happy to give you a coupon for 5% discount for your next project. This will be in addition to any other discount that may be applicable.

Do you provide invoice for payment/transaction?

Yes, we do provide invoice to you for any transaction you made to us on PayPal or in our bank using wire transfer if you request us.

Do I need to send an advanced deposit for work?

Yes, We ask for upfront deposit of 100% to start working on your project if the project is less than $100; 20% for projects between $101-500 and 40% if the project is more than $500. We will be doing all the development work on our own servers. We will give you a link to the developmet server where you can see on going live development of your project. If you want us to work on your server, or you want us to send you files after each development which you want to test on your own server or you want us to send you complete files at each stage of project completion, we will require 100% advance payment for these services.

How do I get a quote for my project?

You can always get a quote using the order page.

Will I have a dedicated executive to communicate?

Yes, Each project is assigned to a specific development team. You will be communication with the Project Manager and 1-2 other persons from Project management team, for response to specific project queries and updates. These persons will be responsible for on-time delivery of your projects.

Can you work with out website folder organization/management structure?

Yes, We can preserve website folder organization/management structure while working on an improving your website. We can also develop customized folder organization/management structure for you.

Can you help me purchase my website domain and hosting provider?

Yes, You can independently purchase the domain and hosting provider for your website. If you want us to do it or are facing any diffficulty we can purchase the website domain and also the hosting provider for you to host your new website.

How many days will it take to develop and launch my website?

Project completion time depends on the complexity of the project and regular feedback from clients. As an example a simple website with 5 pages will take about 10 days to develop and launch including HTML conversion.

What is the cost of a website?

Again, the project cost depends on the complexity of the projectand add-on features. Simple page design cost 110 USD and inner page design cost 55 USD. A complete website with 1 home page and 4 inner pages is $275 USD. HTML coversion additionally and costs 55 USD for home page design and 21 USD for each inner page.

How much does a Wordpress template cost?

WordPress template cost 175 USD and it takes 5 business days.

What does a Magento template cost?

Magento template cost 275 USD and it takes 10 business days.

Will I get training to manage manage CMS or eCommerce backoffice/backend/admin panel?

Yes, We will provide you with detailed instructions in PDF or Word Doc file. If you want direct training by our project manager, we can arrange that also.

Do you provide invoice for payment/transaction?

Yes, For every project you will get an invoice for any transaction you made to us.

Is there any additional charges for installation of files on our server?

If we did your project, there will be no additional charges for installation of files on your server. If you have completed the project on your own and now looking for installation support for your server, then it will be a chargeable  service.

What type of source files do you work with?

The source files which are most preferred re layered PSD, PNG or TIFF files. We also accept AI and EPS files. For AI and EPS files, additional time will be needed to convert them into PSD format, and we will require your confirmation of the AI / EPS to PSD conversion, which is chargeable. If layered files are not available, we also accept flattened designs in formats like JPEG or PDF.  The design files should utilize RGB color scheme. If CMYK color scheme is used we will convert it to RGB and ask for your approval.

My project will be tested on which browsers?

We create codes according to W3C standards and the web pages will be displayed correctly in all popular modern browsers. We test the the web pages in te latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Do you test the project on Mac or Windows?

We test all projects on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.